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Fundamentals of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy - A 13-hour Course with the Masters. 5 DVD set

- Induction techniques
Stephen Lankton, M.S.W., DAHB. Lecture, demonstration and practice workshop go step-by-step through the phases of trance induction. Differences between well-known methods are explained.

- Ideodynamic Approaches to Therapeutic Hypnosis
Ernest Rossi, Ph.D. Group and individual demonstrations of basic ideodynamic approaches to therapeutic hypnosis utilizing Rossi's innovative activity-dependent work with hand signaling.

- Getting a Good Trance Going
Betty Alice Erickson, M.S., LPC. Various trance inductions are demonstrated with volunteers. Each induction is discussed with indications for its uses. Differences between formal and conversational trances are demonstrated with rationales for choosing each.

- Accessing and Contextualizing Resources in Hypnosis
Michael Yapko, Ph.D. Erickson's approach typically featured finding hidden personal resources and extending them into situations where they would help the client. This basic but valuable strategy is shown in a video clip of Dr. Erickson. A structured practice session follows.

- Use of the Therapist's Self in Hypnotherapy
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. This workshop describes how a therapist can join a client's reality to hypnotically generate a "therapeutic trance" that includes both the problem and resources, as well as the client's and the therapist's perspectives. In this way, a therapeutic trance is one that "transcends yet includes" the client's problem in a way that allows new freedoms and possibilities.
Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice - Imaginative Medicine in Action
Laurence Sugerman, MD

This 70-minute DVD demonstrates the use of a variety of hypnotic techniques with children. The use of hypnosis can comfort children and adolescents during procedures, injections and examinations, and help them to manage stress and cope with chronic disease.

The DVD includes eight actual sessions with children ranging from age 7 through age 16 and clearly shows the benefits to both child and their family.Presenting symptoms include: the relief of migraines, asthma control, enuresis (bed-wetting), recurrent abdominal pain, juvenile migraines and muscle tension headaches, needle phobia, traumatic leukemia therapy.

Included with the DVD is a 32-page Learning Guide which includes complete clinical summaries of all of the cases presented as well as a series of key discussion points, recommended reading materials as well as organizations offering professional training in clinical hypnosis.
Hypnosis with Kids
Robert B. McNeilly

Each DVD in this series of DVDs includes an actual demonstration with Dr. Robert McNeilly and a client or clients using hypnotic techniques based on the work of Milton H. Erickson. A master clinician, Erickson taught us to accept and utilize whatever a client brought into the therapy conversation. The individual clients were able to have their own unique experience to easily and respectfully access the resources needed to create their unique solutions to their presenting problem. Rather than focusing on what's wrong, these sessions demonstrate how individuals can readily and effectively reconnect with their preferred experiences in a time effective way. These DVDs will be of interest to therapists who are beginning to understand the teachings of Milton Erickson as well as those who want to enhance their experienced effectiveness.

Fra den 19de Internasjonale Hypnosekongressen i Bremen, 17-21 oktober 2012- offisielle opptak av sentrale forelesninger

- New Concepts in Depression (3 DVD´er)
Virot, Kirsch, Yapko, m. fl.

- Advanced Techniques of Ericksonian
Hypnosis: "Ornamentation"

- Principles of Advanced Induction

- Use of Fantasy in Solution-focused

- Hypnosis and Family Therapy
Furnam, Beaulieu, Schmidt & Loriedo

- From the Technique to the Person:
How to develop hypnotists´ personal resources
to activate therapeutic change

- The Voice for Real "Wellness":
Exact Techniques